The Jeep Wrangler: A Standout Among the Competition Decades Later

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most iconic models in the lineup from the brand - and there’s a lot of contributing factors that have allowed it to remain at the top of the list. The loyal fanbase that continues growing wasn’t built overnight - there is a rich history in place that has allowed the Wrangler to become increasingly popular as time has passed.


In fact, the rich history of the vehicle is part of what sets it apart from the competition. The Wrangler dates back to 1941 with the production of the Willy MB model for the military. These MB models were called Jeeps by servicemen, and eventually, a civilian version called the CJ-2A was produced. The Wrangler is a progression from these models, and the car has been a central part of the brand’s identity ever since. The first car with the Wrangler name was debuted in 1986 after the CJ series was discontinued.


Given the rich history of the Wrangler and the fact that it was originally produced for use in the military, it’s not a surprise that a lot of the popularity for the vehicle has to do with off-road performance. The vehicle is equipped with a short wheelbase as well as great ground clearance. Along with this, there is the high-quality suspension system and 4-wheel drive capabilities. All of these things allow drivers to handle all kinds of terrain and enjoy off-roading with ease. The car is a “trail-rated 4x4” that can be taken to the back-trails and through all kinds of landscapes, from snow to mud to sand. What makes the Wrangler so popular is that all of these features come standard on the base model, but drivers can take the off-roading capabilities even further if they upgrade to the Wrangler Rubicon, which features a higher lift, larger tires, and other features.

Apart from the capabilities the Wrangler brings to the table as far as performance, another reason the car stands out from the competition has to do with aesthetics. The Wrangler has to be one of the most iconic cars when it comes to vehicle design out there. The rugged profile is something that has remained consistent throughout the years of production. Everything from the grille to the fenders stands out on the vehicle. The Wrangler is unique among other sports utility vehicles for the fact that it is able to be converted to a topless and doorless ride. The timeless design definitely contributes to a desire to drive the Wrangler compared to other SUVs on the market.


With the combination of a rich history, strong identity, and numerous off-roading capabilities, it’s no wonder that the Wrangler has remained a standout among the competition. If you own a Wrangler, you want to be sure to take care of it and invest in high-quality parts when you’re making repairs and upgrades. You can shop our inventory of OEM parts for your Wrangler right here at JK Superstore.