Jeep Renegade: A Popular Daily Drive with Off-Roading Options

The history of the Jeep brand dates back many decades - to 1941, when the Willy MB models were first produced for servicemen to use during the war. Since then, there have been a range of models introduced to help fill different gaps in the market and appeal to different buyers. It’s safe to say that Jeep has helped define the sports utility vehicle segment with the many different models they have produced throughout the years.


The Jeep Renegade made its debut in 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show, with production starting later that year. The car is defined as a sub-compact SUV crossover (also known as a mini SUV in Europe). A crossover SUV is defined as a car featuring some off-roading capabilities combined with better interior comfort. They’re also typically based on a platform that is shared with a passenger vehicle. The Renegade is the first Jeep vehicle produced outside of North America.


Standard features of the base model (known as the Sport) include front-wheel drive, though there are trim options available that allow drivers to choose four-wheel drive. These trim models include:


  • Renegade Latitude - This model varies when it comes to the wheel size, steering wheel, and roof rails. The option for front wheel and four-wheel drive is available on the Latitude.
  • Renegade Altitude - This trim level features a handful of upgrades compared to the Latitude, including 18” wheels and deluxe cloth seats.
  • Renegade Limited - The Limited trim level is the top-of-the-line, featuring leather seating and a 2.4L TigerShark Inline Four-Cylinder engine. Nine speed automatic transmission is also standard.
  • Renegade Trailhawk - The Trailhawk model is the off-road ready of the bunch, featuring a range of equipment that allows drivers to handle all kinds of terrain. The Trailhawk is equipped with all-season tires, tow hooks, and of course, an off-road suspension. This special version also features “MySky” removable sunroof panels that allow drivers to customize the look and feel of the car, much like panels and doors are removable from the Wrangler model in the lineup.


Given the amount of options available for the Renegade, it’s no wonder that the car is a popular choice for a range of drivers. The compact size and comfortable interior make it a great daily driver, while being able to choose trim levels and four-wheel drive options make it possible to take it off the highways if that’s what is desired. Another thing contributing to the popularity of the car is the price point. The Renegade is set apart from the competition in the fact that it sits at a lower cost than many other off-roading vehicles or larger SUVs.


If you’re looking for comfort mixed with customizable capabilities, the Renegade is for you. If you’re driving one and wanting to make upgrades or repairs, it’s important to invest in high quality parts and accessories. Only OEM components should be used on your Renegade, as they will fit properly and last a long time. Find just what you’re looking for here at JK Superstore.