The Jeep Cherokee: Paving the Way for SUVs as We Know Them

The history of Jeep vehicles dates back to 1941 with the production of models designed for use by servicemen fighting in World War II. Since the inception of the brand, there has been many different iconic models produced that have continued to stand out from the competition.


The Jeep Cherokee is one of these models that have remained popular throughout the years for many different reasons. The car has a history that features many different innovations that other competitors in the industry had to fight to keep up with. It can be said that the Cherokee pioneered a lot of different characteristics and features when it comes to the sports utility vehicle market.


The Cherokee was first simply a rebadged introduction of a two-door Wagoneer and premiered in 1974. The first Cherokee featured a new windshield, pillars, roof, and rear and side windows - also known as a greenhouse. This redesign got rid of the C-pillar on the Wagoneer and allowed the Cherokee to have a wider D-pillar and long rear-side window that featured a flip-out section. When it was first introduced, the car was marked as a sportier two-door variant. The common term of sports utility vehicle was actually first used in the sales brochure for the first-generation Cherokee - proof that the car was designed to be an icon and different from other vehicles on the market.


In 1984, the XJ version of the Cherokee hit the market and was the first SUV to feature unibody construction. This removed the body-on-frame platform that weighed down other trucks and SUVs on the market - setting it apart from the competition. This helped establish the Cherokee as a vehicle that was well-equipped for handling and also gave it increased fuel efficiency. This was a win-win for the car’s reputation that allowed it to remain popular throughout the years.


The XJ version of the car was so popular that it led to the production of the Jeep Grand Cherokee - instead of replacing the Cherokee, both were sold at different price points to appeal to different buyers.  The Cherokee has been able to remain one of the flagship models in the Jeep lineup thanks to the various high quality and practical features present. The size and lightweight design has helped the car standout and keep it a popular choice for those wanting something fun to drive while keeping the four-wheel drive capabilities. The Cherokee combines performance with less of the bulk as a range of other SUVs on the market.


The history of innovation throughout the years when it comes to the production of the Jeep Cherokee has so much to do with the popularity of the model today. The car started out standing apart from the competition and has continued to do so thanks to the reputation that was built throughout the years and from the releases of different generations. If you’re driving a Cherokee, you want to be sure that you are keeping with the quality of your vehicle and investing in OEM parts and accessories for it. You can shop for those here at JK Superstore.